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Contemporary Muslim thinkers & their Thoughts
This book presents an intellectual history of today’s Muslim world, surveying contemporary Muslim thinking in its various manifestations, addressing a variety of themes that impact on the lives of present-day Muslims.

Focusing on the period from roughly the late 1960s to the first decade of the twenty-first century, the book is global in its approach and offers an overview of different strands of thought and trends in the development of new ideas, distinguishing between traditional, reactionary, and progressive approaches. It presents a variety of themes and issues including: The continuing relevance of the legacy of traditional Islamic learning as well as the use of reason; the centrality of the Qur’an; the spiritual concerns of contemporary Muslims; political thought regarding secularity, statehood, and governance; legal and ethical debates; related current issues like human rights, gender equality, and religious plurality; as well as globalization, ecology and the environment, bioethics, and life sciences.

An alternative account of Islam and the Muslim world today, counterbalancing narratives that emphasise politics and confrontations with the West, this book is an essential resource for students and scholars of Islam.
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CONS417 - Chemistry for Conservation
Chemistry for Conservators
This online course is conducted in English three times a year. There is no tutor and there are no set lectures/classes. The coursework, carried out independently, consists of reading, online quizzes, at-home experiments and assignments. Feedback is given by markers periodically after the work has been submitted. The syllabus is shown below.

To enroll for this course, please make an enquiry here. You will then receive an enrolment form from our office.

Cost: UK students: £825; Europe students: £850; Rest of the World: £880

The course costs covers most material costs, shipment (without custom duties), Moodle access, feedback and marking, as well as a certificate when the course is finished successfully.

Please note that the number of participants accepted on each intake is strictly limited. Early enrolment is recommended. We aim to conclude the enrolment process in good time before the start of the course to ensure you receive the course materials on time. If you have any special educational needs or disabilities please let us know in advance.