Vice Chancellor's Message 

Assalam-o-Alaikum, It gives me immense pleasure to have the honour to serve Hazara University Mansehra, as a vice chancellor. Hazara University has become a prestigious seat of higher learning and a leader among the newly established universities in Pakistan. The university, located in a beautiful area in the north of the country, has a lush green campus which has been turned into a vibrant source of higher learning, thanks to the hard work, dedication and enthusiasm of its amazing faculty, administration and support staff. Most of the faculty have got highest academic and professional qualifications in their respective fields from national and international universities of good repute. The administrative and support staff deal with their responsibilities with professionalism and dedication to support and promote the cause of higher education in the country and beyond. Keeping in view the excellent academic and research environment in the university and the employability prospects of Hazara University graduates in the job market, the number of students applying for different graduate and postgraduate programmes in the university has been on the rise. Hazara University has been placed among the top seats of higher learning in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, which is a cause of satisfaction and pride for its students, staff and administration. As is the norm, there is always room for improvement and the staff and administration of Hazara University are cognizant of the fact that we have to continue to improve our prospects and to strive for further excellence in our academic pursuits. Keeping in view this we have been establishing and carrying on collaborations with other national and foreign universities for the modernization and uplift of our educational infrastructure and faculty and staff development. As a vice chancellor, I am cognizant of the fact that harmonious professional relationship among the staff and administration of the university is immensely important for the provision of a congenial academic environment for students. The student is the pivot around which the whole structure of the university revolves. Nothing is more important and more delightful for me as a teacher and as a vice chancellor of this university than the preparation of the youth for the uplift and welfare of the society around us. I, as teacher, know the great role that teachers can play in the lives of young people by making them useful, critical, conscientious and responsible citizens. My ultimate desire, therefore, is the creation of an environment that is conducive for the faculty of Hazara University to apply their best abilities and skills for imparting high quality education to the students. I am very confident that with the cooperation and support of the faculty and administrative staff of Hazara University, we will raise the status of this university and will make it one of the best seats of higher learning, Insha’Allah.


Hazara University (HU)  is a University, situated on the crossroads of the ancient civilization of Gandhara and Ashoka and facing the Silk Route on the outskirts of Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
which had been the ancient link between sub-continent, China and Central Asia.


The university was founded in 2001. It was ranked No.28 in national and No.7 in provincial level as per HEC rankings, 2015.
University was on 567 position on World most sustainable universities in 2020 on UI GreenMetric World rankings.


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